Diploma awarding academic studies

  • Licenciatura Ciências e Tecnologias da Documentação e Informação (CTDI) – Similar to an MLIS from an US iSchool,  (Taken at ESEIG, now at ISCAP) – 4 years, full time
  • POSI – Post Graduation on Information Systems – 10th Edition, taken at IST – 9 months, 2 days per week
  • Curso Geral de Gestão (CGG) – Taken at Nova SBE Executive Education,  a department  of Nova School of Business and Economics – 9 months, 1 week per month


Academic Triangle

My education, at least the formal one, planned from 2003 onward, has three pillars:

Information, Computing, Management.

During of one of the earliest classes in POSI the basic triangle on the diagram above, was presented and discussed.

I noticed, immediately, the way it translated my intentions, plan and vision of the world, so I adopted it.

The diagram also demonstrates a concept that is dear to me, and is the foundation of the POSI degree: there is no exclusive relation between computing and business rules. The relation occurs only through the information needs of the business.

One of the corollaries of graphic above is: most ICT managers are DATA managers, not INFORMATION managers. It is not the same thing! I know, because I have both degrees.

Other tenants that come out the POSI worldview:

  • Applications Architecture  support the fulfillment of the information needs of a business.
  • The information needs are expressed in terms of Information Architecture, the Business needs are expressed by the Business Architecture.
  • Never should IT systems dictate what information Business can have or not.
  • Is there alignment all around? Does Business have the Information it needs? Is all information available used by Business? Is the Process Automation , provided by Applications, efficient?  Do Applications support the Business processes? Is all information supported by applications? Do application enable an efficient management of the information available, avoiding redundancy, incoherence? Does coherence require on purpose programming?
  • Information Architecture + Application Architecture = Technological Architecture (dictate Technological Infrastructure)
  • Are the technologies used adequate to the needs of Applications, Business and Information? Are the technologies used adequate to the relations (gathering , communication , display, etc) between Applications, Business and Information?