This site houses my thoughts and rumblings on several subjects I have to study and reflect on and does in no way express the opinion of my employers (present and past).

Sometimes I have to deliver an internal report, deliver an internal training, participate in a web/seminar, where not everything fits into the allotted 1-page exec summary or the five mins. This resources is where I house the unused materials for future reference… My boss and, sometimes, our customers, paid for them… why let them go to waste?

In other instances, the subject matter must be delivered dry and professional, but it could also have been delivered in a more lighthearted and funny way, much more engaging, but not boardroom ready. I house those versions in this resource.

I also like to jot down a thought or two on technical books I may be reading…

I will also alert here about other materials I may publish elsewhere.

All the above can be summarised in “Professional Thinking Archive”. It did not have to be public… but “the unexamined life is not worth living”, period! Also, it is expected to increase “self-awareness”… as it is an “introspective” exercise.

And the final reason for this: Facebook is killing our ability to have long toughs! Not for the sake of complexity, but some problems can’t be solved on 140 characters! We now call this “Deep Thinking”!