Some thoughts on elevator pitch (if it is a long ride)

I was more realized during my years of helping users discover/extract the value in the product/service they bought, as a Solution Specialist. For several years this also extended to pre-sale activities as Sales Engineer.

Most of my recommendations on Linkedin make evident my attention/care to customers needs.

I like project work… not managing, but executing something useful for the customer.

Achieving comes out of doing… I don’t mind my CV is of a doer… More than of an achiever. So what?!

One of my unique selling points lies in the overlap between diverse competencies: IT, information management, business analysis, and pharmaceutical mindset.

Recently I’ve performed in Product Manager/Owner roles. I loved it but, as far as I know, it only attracts me if the product has a relation to my other areas of competence.

In large projects, I’m more than happy to take a PM position for a sub-feature or a specific layer of a very large product.

Anyway, PM is a set of interconnected roles and responsibilities, of which I can take full ownership of some and contribute to almost all.

In the end, my greatest strength (all my life) is my ability and willingness to learn: I started publishing notes on the specialized press for Pharmacovigilance just three years after my first work in that area. PIPA invited me to facilitate a training session in 2016… 

Stupid questions in job interviews (2 of many)

Whats the best Invention ever?

Answer from my heart: Writing

What’s the worst invention ever?

Answer from my heart: Organized Religion

Incidentally, the two, together, create and sustain the core of the Judeo-Christian culture, prevalent in almost all world!

In real life I always end up answering “Bicycle” on the first question and, just to destroy the rest of the interviewers day, “the habit of crucifying dogs maintained by the Romans (Supplicia canum) .” on the second.

Oh, the pains of an unframed classical education !