The Pragmatic Marketing framework and the Product Owner position

According to the Pragmatic Marketing framework these are the Skills and Responsibilities attributed to those functions usually associated with the Product Owner position. 


Articulate and prioritize personas and their problems so that the appropriate products can be built.

• Articulate and prioritize problems that solutions should be built for
• Build an effective relationship and team between product and development
• Serve as a checkpoint along the way to provide context and clarification to development
• Technical and product-specific acumen
• Written and verbal communications
• Deep market knowledge and understanding of personas and their problems
• Understanding of design best practices

Use Scenarios

Illustrate market problems in a “story” that puts the problem in context. Use scenarios are one component of requirements.
• Illustrate market problems in a way that puts the problem in context
• Create problem-based requirements
• Document and provide context on how the problem shows up in a day in the life of the user
• Ability to gather market data and then do detailed, independent analysis
• Data synthesis
• Ability to provide context in a way that is easily relatable to various audiences
• Storytelling
• Clear and concise writing

Stakeholder Communications

Manage proactive communications with relevant stakeholders from strategy through execution.

• Manage proactive communications with relevant stakeholders from strategy through execution
• Provide relevant, timely and easily consumable updates to all internal and external audiences
• Define key metrics and goals related to project progress and success
• Measure and report on progress toward metrics and goals
• Understanding of roadmap, release plan and project plan
• Written and verbal communications
• Ability to delegate and work well with project management resources
• Ability to manage resources up, down and sideways