Some thoughts on elevator pitch (if it is a long ride)

I was more realized during my years of helping users discover/extract the value in the product/service they bought, as a Solution Specialist. For several years this also extended to pre-sale activities as Sales Engineer.

Most of my recommendations on Linkedin make evident my attention/care to customers needs.

I like project work… not managing, but executing something useful for the customer.

Achieving comes out of doing… I don’t mind my CV is of a doer… More than of an achiever. So what?!

One of my unique selling points lies in the overlap between diverse competencies: IT, information management, business analysis, and pharmaceutical mindset.

Recently I’ve performed in Product Manager/Owner roles. I loved it but, as far as I know, it only attracts me if the product has a relation to my other areas of competence.

In large projects, I’m more than happy to take a PM position for a sub-feature or a specific layer of a very large product.

Anyway, PM is a set of interconnected roles and responsibilities, of which I can take full ownership of some and contribute to almost all.

In the end, my greatest strength (all my life) is my ability and willingness to learn: I started publishing notes on the specialized press for Pharmacovigilance just three years after my first work in that area. PIPA invited me to facilitate a training session in 2016…