Karlsruhe: finding a house.

Housing was the most complex aspect of my move to Karlsruhe, although it was one of the easiest aspects of my move to the Netherlands.

The city life style does not help (University City like Coimbra) and the usual web sites neither.

I showed interest in 30+ properties and only had 4 viewings!!! And 1 of them via eBay, not immoscout.

Just as a note: Scam attempts are common and I was subject of two attempts. Easily noticed and made the scammers loose a decent amount of time… while waiting to be invited for viewings.

One of the viewings turned out to be the house I now live in, in Bruchsal.  Another viewing was also mine if I wanted it, but the rent was too high in the long run. So, theoretically, if I can get the viewing I can, probably, get the house… the problem is then: how to get the viewing.