Moving on

I’ll be moving companies and countries.

From Elsevier to Clarivate and from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Germany (Karlsruhe).

This move is by itself a complex project… As a memory to myself and those that may come after me, let me just tell you that relocating to Germany can be daunting. The Netherlands is a much more hospitable country for Expats. But Germany, notably Karlsruhe, is much less expensive than Amsterdam.

Reasons to leave Elsevier and the Quosa product? I will, probably, only say, in public, that I do it with a heavy heart but no regrets. I got great successes (as great as they can be with a product as Quosa) in Elsevier so I am confident I can be useful and successful at Clarivate.

Reasons to join Clarivate and the Converis product? A very strong company… although still going through the pains of separation from Thomson-Reuters, and a well known product dedicated to a market I know very well: Academy.

Time will tell.