SCRUM MASTER Certification @ RUMOS w/ Peter Stevens

I did the Scrum Master certification course with Peter Stevens, facilitated by the Portuguese training company RUMOS.

Having recently being appointed Senior Product Development Manager at Elsevier R&D, with a strong requirement in acting as Product Owner for the relevant agile Teams, this was a must have.

The course was delivered  following a SCRUM approach, ie: each module was a separate ticket with specific acceptance criteria. A Kanban board was always visible indicating the status of the whole course, making many of the learning objectives self evident. Many artifacts were used routinely throughout the course, much earlier than their formal introduction to the audience.

The training team (pedagogical dyad ? ) also counted with Hugo Lourenço, a collaborator of Peter Stevens, for quite some time.

The hands-on exercise was very interesting and a clear introduction to the pressures of a real SCRUM cycle, in real time, from Vision to Delivery, in  60 Mins. I leave the readers to find what the exercise is by attending the course.

There were some novel (at least for me) pedagogical devices, like calling for us to look for aha moments (I collected several) and conversations to start Monday morning at the office, preferably around the coffee machine.

Next week I’ll be attending the Product Owner specific course in Oporto. Looking forward to it.