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Education Status March 2010

My education, at least the formal one, planned from 2003 onwards, has three pillars:

Information, Computing, Management.

During of one of the earliest classes in POSI the basic triangle on the diagram above, was presented and discussed. I noticed, immediately, the way it translated my intentions, plan and vision of the world, so I adopted it. The diagram also demonstrates a concept that is dear to me, and is the foundation of the POSI degree: there is no exclusive relation between computing and business rules. The relation occurs only through the information needs of the business.

One of the corollaries of graphic above is: most ICT managers are DATA managers, not INFORMATION managers. It is not the same thing! I know, because I have both degrees.

The basic principles of each degree are presented bellow:

POSI - Pós-Graduação em Sistemas de Informação
Ciências e Tecnologias da Documentação e Informação
In areas of fast technological development, the obsolescence of professionals is also very fast. The technologies associated with IT and computers are known to have suffered the biggest development in the last three decades. It's impact in terms of organization of the society is just beginning to be felt across the board, with implications in virtually all fields of knowledge.

The senior management (those directly linked to the computing function or those who plan or administer) of every organization is aware of the importance of Information Technology

The evolution is so fast that even engineers with a recent degree feel outdated in three to five years after completing their degrees.

Despite an enormous wealth of information on these subjects and courses and seminars on the market, there isn't an offer of graduate education with quality, integrity and adequate framing.

O POSI solves this need because:

  • is a high quality course offered by a recognized school with history, prestige and proven competence in IT and Computers;
  • is ideal for both professional managers, with varied backgrounds, working for several years in various branches of computer science;
  • seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of technologies, methods and trends in computers, software and digital telecommunications, and their effective use in business processes of enterprises
Este curso forma técnicos de nível superior qualificados em Biblioteconomia, Arquivo, Documentação e Informação.

Forma quadros com competências técnicas de elevado nível, incluindo a capacidade de gerir documentos e informações em diversos sectores de actividade, aptos para o trabalho em equipa e para a mobilidade profissional.

Preparar profissionais capazes de desenvolver formação contínua especializada, e uma cultura técnica, científica e humanista aberta à internacionalização.

Prepara técnicos especializados nas diferentes competências e ferramentas da informação e da gestão documental (tecnologias e outros recursos materiais e humanos) e habilitados com a teoria e a prática da avaliação, selecção, armazenamento, organização e tratamento técnico, pesquisa e análise de documentos e informação.

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